Jekyll vs WordPress

My development journey started with Dreamweaver's WYSIWYG interface. I made horrible excuses for sites and somehow convinced people to pay me for them. As soon as I realized there was a way to write that code by hand I became fairly obsessed with standards down to every self-closing but unnesessarily self-closed <br> tag. After hearing the question "But how do I make changes?" from one too many clients I began to learn my way around CMS's. I built a couple of sites with Drupal, but ultimately settled on WordPress because of its polished admin interface and the active community supporting it. I built a few sites and found that I had amassed a robust enough skill set to find work full-time making websites.

But there is always the desire to learn more, which is why I'm giving Jekyll a shot - a lot of devs whose opinion I value are big fans. Given that my only real basis of comparison is WordPress, naturally I will evaluate my experience in setting up and publishing my first site against the strengths & weaknesses of WordPress.

Jekyll's Strengths

  • Lightweight & fast - one of the benefits to not having a database.
  • Composing in Markdown - bettter than any WYSIWYG editor
  • Possible to host on GitHub Pages - lightning fast & free hosting.

Jekyll's Weaknesses

  • Cannot simply 'login & post from anywhere'
  • Not appropriate for most client work (if they need to make their own changes)
  • Not nearly as many themes as WordPress

I recognize that many of these points are debatable. And that I've only been using Jekyll for about 24 hours. So I'll get a few more posts in and look to make some style & content additions and see how I'm feeling about the transition from there.

Thanks for reading.